Wednesday, January 28, 2015

True Organic Art

We've been working our BUNGs off- literally- since someone who shall be nameless's "show" at SXSoWhat (a pig on a spit, my ass!). Not to be outdone by Mady BlahBlah (code name) and her stupid vomit show, my love and I have created a TRUE artistic showcase using our most precious, all-organic "material." Rest assured, this will be the most explosive (so to speak) performance you'll ever see. Stay tuned and stock up on disposable rain gear that you'll most likely be able to sell on Ebay for a sh*t-load (again, so to speak) but you won't want to let it go. Bung promise! Instructions to follow....
We are on a spectacular vacation in the Texas outback and the lush thwacks of insects hurling themselves at our bedroom window to get at our lamplight have inspired me to write a love song. So I decided to write here as well since the creative process is more invigorating than sedating. Sadly, you'll have to wait until next year for the public unveiling of said love song. An extreme ode to mother nature and her children, it's sure to bring tears to any pair of stoned, glassy eyes. Is there any more pure love than that of a light-seeking insect willing to bash it's own head in to reach it's love? Oh, a similar love can be said of the 85 mile per hour truck tire seeking highway-crossing turtles and armadillos. And snakes. And deer. The roads are covered with splat marks of all shapes and sizes. Those tires are NOT discriminating in any way and anyone who says Texas is racist should look to those tires for open-minded inspiration. I urge you.