Wednesday, October 26, 2016

No Room at the Inn

Or should I say, no more room in Austin for musical artists. We're all full up. Don't even think about it. And sadly, it doesn't take an ounce of talent to make it here (obviously, or we'd be superstars). What it does take is persistence and a ton of self promotion. While we love talking about ourselves til the cows come home, we don't really like it as a MUST, you know? So again, we're REALLY seeking superfans to do this for us so we can sit around being creative (and by creative I do NOT mean watching tv or playing video games- we've cut WAY back on that, mom- so don't even). We must nurture our souls, write poetry, bathe in daisies, grind our own peanut butter at the natural food store, practice aromatherapy and voodoo, complain about rich, white men all the while trying to break out of the oppression that comes from being rich white kids- it's absolutely brutal and don't let anyone tell you any different! So please, people- who is looking for a job as a superfan for a pair of exceptionally talented artists? Call us asap! Text, tweet, email or just get the hell over here and let's DO this. Just creating this post has exhausted me so I must return to slumber and perhaps my love will take over some of the heavy lifting for once, will you my sweet helpless love? Jesus, it's hard being a leader. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

There IS a goddess!

Obviously, because we're baaaaaack!! After a much needed hiatus (my love has just re-emerged from a long recovery from what he jokingly refers to as his "soul replacement therapy after I crushed his original" hahahahah) we are back in the saddle- or should I say back in Texas! After a muy successful set at the Pickled Tattoo and Beard Food SUV at Triangle Park during last years South By So What, we decided to depart from the Bay Area for Green Pastures. Sadly, we discovered that not only were the previously beckoning peakcocks gone but the restaurant was closed altogether. No word on wether or not this has to do with our impending swoop in, but regardless....we're back, bitches!
AND we're hiring new fans (the old ones simultaneously developed minds of their own and a conscience. NOT COOL. They also created a copy cat band and deleted all our old posts, which we will do our best to recover and repost so that our few remaining loyals will know this is us, this is the real thing- we are the bung!
Stay tuned for music, poems, events and if your'e really ready to commit to an immeasurable lifetime CB position, email and be prepared to answer some very personal questions and fork over an initial installment of $1700. Namaste!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Coconut Bung is Born!!

Our deep and profound personal relationship has sprouted a professional bud and my love and I have come together to form the band we've both always dreamed of. Our geniui (genius plural) has merged to form Coconut B.U.N.G.-a most delicious concoction of ego, aforementioned genius and heart cinging sounds. From the body parts that birthed our talent, our inspiration and our nurturing did our musical union unfold- Breast, Uterus, Nipple, Gonad- BUNG. And of course coconuts have always been the essence from which we dance, breathe and vomit creativeousness. God bless us in our generosity for sharing with you- our devoted fans. We love you more than words can say. Keep sending money. It makes us love you more. Stay tuned for more talent...